In the future The ESP-lab (Electrical Sustainable Power Lab) will play a key role of sustainable power supply and the sustainability of energy systems by the application of renewable sources, smart grids and energy saving.
The new laboratory differs because technologies with various magnetic fields are brought together under one roof. The smart grids laboratory offers the unique opportunity to perform large-scale simulations as "hardware in the loop ' and to follow real-time experiments on monitors.
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HP Architecten

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4000 m2 GFA

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September 2015


November 2017

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The ESP-Lab will be used as laboratory and office space by 25 staff members, 75 PhD students and postdocs and 25 graduates of the Electrical Sustainable Energy department (ESE) who are currently scattered throughout the EWI building. The ESE department focuses on electric power systems in which sustainability and intelligence are key. This zooms in on sustainable and intelligent generation of transport, distribution, conversion and use of electrical energy, with the object of: affordable, reliable and sustainable electricity for everyone.

In the ESP-lab a great diversity of laboratories of the department ESE comes together. Each laboratory has its own specific requirements in terms of disturbances from the outside and shielding to prevent influences to and from the area, such as noise and vibration.

Aronsohn Management is responsible for the project management of the renovation. The phase A / B method will be applied for the contractors.