Quantum computer research groups of Leo Kouwenhoven, Lieven Vandersypen and Carlo Beenakker are housed in the
ERC Synergy Quantum Computer laboratory (QC-lab), located in the B wing of the Delft University of Technology Faculty of Applied Sciences on the Lorentzweg 1.

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For the most part, the QC-lab is situated on the ground level floor and first storey of the Faculty of Applied Science’s B wing. Various technical installations are placed in the basement and on the roof. On the ground level floor, there are so-called wet and dry fridge installations, many of which run through large holes to the first floor. It is on this floor that most of the workspaces and measuring instruments are located. The lab (approximately 800m2 GFA) is characterised by the integration of workspaces with the scientific research. Transparency and an (informal) work environment were of great importance during the design. The lab has to emanate synergy, a place where much interaction occurs between the researchers. The project’s planning was a great challenge. Visit the Delft University of Technology website for more information about the Faculty of Applied Sciences.