The Delftse Poort building was the tallest building in the Netherlands from 1991 until 2005. Dutch insurance company Nationale Nederlanden is established in this building.
The Delftse Poort building is situated at Weena, on the corner of the Rotterdam Central Station square. The building was designed by Bonnema Architects.

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Nationale Nederland Real Estate Ltd.


Bonnema Architects

Project size

Offices: 100.000 m2 HFA, Parking: 36.000 m2 HFA

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Structural design, detail drawings and calculations
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The Delftse Poort consists of a substructure, two tall towers (151 metres and 93 metres high) and a cubic block in between. The substructure runs sixteen metres tall and connects the other buildings to each other. In total, the building houses 60.000m2 of offices and 15.000m2 for other facilities. It has been built on a 100 x 100m2 terrain. The area is crossed by a rapid transit line. The two towers stand on both ends of a metro tunnel, with a multifunctional building in between them. The parking garage can store up to 1.200 parked cars. Aronsohn’s greatest challenge concerned not the height, but the foundational challenges that occurred due to the complex location. The construction pit’s design called for particular attention, and a new foundation had to be realised for the metro. Furthermore, settlement prognoses had to be taken into account