Next to the airport of Rotterdam a new business park is under development. It will provide for offices and industrial buildings as well as retail an public functions. On a prominent spot, right in face of the terminal building, the office building Cornerstone has arisen.
Besides 12.750 m2 office space on 8 floors, the building counts one parking floor above ground level and three below, for in total 370 cars. The office building has two parts with separate entrances. In one of these Dura Vermeer has based its head office.
8900-Cornerstone Rdam-airport2

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Dura Vermeer Vastgoed bv


JHK architecten

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24.500 n2 bvo

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Structural design, specifications, detail drawings and calculations

This 55 metres tall office building has a square shape with a void in the middle. The building contains nine storeys above ground level and three underground levels. Because of the varying shape of the floors, the building is technically highly complex. This is also due to the resulting cantilever of 14,4 x 16 metres. The cantilever is realised by means of a Vierendeel truss in the facades and an internal lattice, both constructed with steel. Since hollow-core slabs are applied, spanning a distance of 14,4 metres and resting on concrete inner cavity walls, the floors do not require columns.

The ground level in the area is at approximately 4,5 metres below Amsterdam Ordnance Datum (AOD), with ground water levels rising in the Pleistocene sand layer up to 3,2 metres below AOD. As a result, constructing a 3 metre deep basement would introduce the risk of cracks. To prevent having to construct the parking spaces above ground level, it was decided to construct a very deep basement, so deep that the building could be founded on the Pleistocene ground layers—as firmly founded as it would be on steel. To this end, a construction pit has been created with temporary steel sheetpile walls secured with grout anchors, and a two metre thick underwater concrete layer secured with vertical ground anchors.

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