The Cascade building has been designed for the Eindhoven University of Technology Department of Applied Physics, facilitating laboratorial research into turbulence, vortex dynamics,
gas dynamics and aero-acoustics. The building appears in unity with the adjacent Spectrum building that has been designed by the same team. The building has a gross floor area of approximately 7.200m2.

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Eindhoven University of Technology Real Estate Management


Rudy Uytenhaak Architects

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7.200 m2 HFA

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Construction management, structural design, supervision
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The building consists of three parts: a lower part of about 30 x 32 m2, containing (among others) an aero-acoustic laboratory and a room with highly specialized instruments; a middle part housing a wind tunnel hall of about 14 x 32 m2; and a higher part of five floors, each 30 x 30 m2. Laboratories are placed on the ground level, while offices are quartered on the stories above the wind tunnel floor, close to the facades. In the building’s heart, an open space reaches from the first floor to the roof, providing room for high laboratorial set-ups.

The preparations and realisation are characterized by great pressure on planning and budget. As such, contractors have been involved with the team since the preparations. Because of the long period of time it took to decide on the location and the fixed date on which the department would move to the new location, there was little time for preparation and construction. For this reason, preparations and construction of this fairly complex building have been overlapping to some extent. All facets of