The new Doetinchem fire station is situated at the edge of the city centre. The location has important landscape and ecological qualities,
which have been taken into account during the building’s design and construction.

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Doetinchem municipality


Bekkering & Adams Architects

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3.600 m2 GFA

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Structural design, detail drawings and calculations
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The building’s structure can be seen as a 6 metre tall remise against which a two storey volume has been built, containing storage and communal rooms. One level can be seen as a partly third and partly second storey. The remise has eight overhead doors and two large sliding doors, all of them 5 metres wide. The ground level floor contains spaces for storage, material maintenance and equipment. On the first floor, personnel compartments have been realised, among which 8 bedrooms. The second floor contains offices and the restaurant, which have been grouped around a terrace garden. The exercise grounds lie on the building’s south-western side.

The building has been founded on piles—on top of which a reinforced concrete floor has been placed—while the remise is founded on sand and for the rest on a crawling space. The remise roof, which also functions as a floor to the offices and outside space, consists of prestressed TT-slabs with a maximum span of 20 metres and a 3,5 metre cantilever. As a result, the remise is a single, large space without columns. Similarly, the canteen and offices feature no columns because of this. The section adjacent to the remise and containing the bedrooms has been made out of prestressed hollow-core slabs spanning 11 metres. The vertical bearing structure consists of concrete walls and steel columns, in which both concrete and steel beams have been applied.