The Faculty of Science building on the Bio Science Park has been designed in such a way, that one experiences an architectural unity and the building seamlessly fits in the surrounding urban space. The building’s mass construction is clearly visible in the building’s structure. The buildings and courtyards alternate each other within a tight contour. The campus’ central axis is the base of the plan. Since various institutes are directly adjacent to the central axis, it also serves as a display of knowledge.
The building’s architecture is open and features multiple layers of meaning. By the abstract application of fractals, chemical connections and biological structures, the user’s identity is reflected in the architecture. Past and future engage in the spacious hall, where a Wall of Fame refers to famous Leiden scientists from the past, and the interior patterns, colours and structures refer to the content of the work of the new generation of scientists.
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Project information


Project Management




Leiden University Real Estate directorate


Inbo / JHK Architects

Project size

99.000m2 GFA

Start of project

September 2013


End of 2015

Consulting services

European procurement of works, construction management and supervision

Phase 1 concerns 45.000m2 GFA of new construction on the Bio Science Park on the Einstein road, to be delivered by the end of 2015. The total amount of new construction amounts to 99.000m2 and is to be realised in three phases. Phase 1 consists of a great variety of specific (NMR, animal facilities and a vibration measurement space) and generic laboratories. First, seminar halls will be constructed adjacent to the central axis, with offices and conference facilities contained in the building’s wings. Furthermore, in preparation of phase 2, phase 1’s construction will be temporarily connected to the existing construction by means of a pedestrian bridge between the new construction and the existing LMUY building.

The project has been procured using the phase A-B method as developed by Aronsohn Management. Aronsohn Management carried out the European tender procedures for the works and for the laboratory interior. Furthermore, Aronsohn Management is responsible for process and contract management during phase A, and supports the client with construction management and supervision during the works of the construction pit.

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