Bartiméus is an all-encompassing centre in Zeist for people with a visual impairment. New buildings have been constructed in two phases on this campus terrain as replacements for the existing construction. The buildings serve as a school, residence,
a sports, study and activity centre, and a guest house, among housing for other functions. Furthermore, there is a facility centre for diagnosis and treatment, including a knowledge and information centre. RAU has designed the plan in its entirety.

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Bartiméus, Zeist



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10.500 m2 GFA

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Structural design, detail drawings and culculations


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Among the new buildings are a school building, a multifunctional building, a facility building and six residential buildings for elderly patients and the slightly impaired.

The residential buildings have a maximum of two storeys, structurally set up with load-bearing sand-lime brick walls and wide-slab floors. The other buildings’ structures consist of steel beams with wide-slab floors and hollow-core slabs resting on steel columns in the floor.

All ground level floors are made of self-supporting prestressed insulated hollow-core slabs above a crawling space. The foundations are on steel.

It was a key premise to the design that acoustic insulation in the residential buildings were to be realised by means of structural walls, and that walls were to be fixed. In the other buildings, column structures have been used as much as possible to ensure that the buildings are flexible. Only parts of the façade play a load-bearing role.