The Erasmus Medical Centre in Rotterdam has constructed a large medicine production facility on a central location in the Netherlands.
The production pharmacy is to produce up to 500.000 units of medicine per year for the Erasmus Medical Centre and possibly for other hospitals, too.

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EGM Architects

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4.400 m2 GFA

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The building is situated on a Gorinchem industrial terrain next to the A15 motorway, a location settled on to facilitate the Erasmus Medical Centre’s cooperation with the Radboud University Medical Centre in Nijmegen. Approximately 4.400m2 in size, about half of this pharmacy consists of production rooms, while the other half is designated for office space, laboratories, storage and electrical and mechanical rooms.

The medicine production rooms are constructed as cleanrooms. Such rooms meet very high requirements to material purity and air cleanness, and have structures that are detached from the main building’s structure. Above the cleanroom, a walkable floor has been constructed which in fact serves as a light floor for the bulky building services. This solution makes it possible to place installations directly above the room to which they are designated. This way, reparations and maintenance to the many system components can be carried out without entering the cleanroom and halting the production. This improves hygiene guarantees in the cleanrooms. The ceiling has been hanged on suspension rods (3,6 metre hart distance) to the first level floor, which consists of hollow-core slabs spanning 14,4 metres.