As a finishing touch to the watery heart of Vathorst neighbourhood in Amersfoort, ABC School De Bron (‘The Well’) has been raised. ‘ABC’ stands for ‘Amersfoortse Brede Combinatie’, a local name for what is known as ‘Brede School’ throughout the Netherlands: buildings that provide room for not just elementary education, but also for sports, day-care and recreation, among other functions.
In this case, ABC-school De Bron forms a vibrant neighbourhood centre, combining education with day-care and health. Architect Herman Hertzberger designed the multifunctional building that houses (among other functions) two elementary schools, day-care, neighbourhood welfare and teenage work facilities.

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Amersfoort municipality


Architectuurstudio HH (Herman Hertzberger), Amsterdam

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8.500 m2 GFA

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Management and project administration, supervision
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The project is situated in the Amersfoort Vathorst neighbourhood and is one of the last projects in the area. The residential buildings surrounding the building site had all been completed prior to this project.

Architectuurstudio HH has created a design which consists of two parts: the Bank and the Island. As one might expect, the Island is completely surrounded by water, calling extra attention to the ground level’s construction, as it is subjected to ground water pressure. The Island can be reached by means of a bridge.

The project encompasses approximately 8.500m2 GFA, terrain facilities, a pedestrian bridge and a geothermal heat pump. The building is partly two storeys, partly three storeys high, providing room for various users:
Elementary schools (public and protestant Christian);
Day-care (SKON organisation);
Sports (SRO organisation);
Teenager room (Versa organisation);
Meeting / host room (The Chambers).