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Newly built bunker in Maastricht

The construction of the new bunker for ZON-PTC in Maastricht is in full swing.

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A look at the Naturalis building site

In early February 2017 a webcam was posted to visualize the construction of Naturalis.

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Aronsohn provides the complete structural design, as well as the specifications and detail drawings and calculations.

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Opening Westerdijk Institute

On 31 August 2017, the new laboratory of the KNAW Westerdijk Institute, formerly the Centraalbureau voor Schimmelcultures (CBS) in Utrecht, was officially opened. On this occasion, a statue was also revealed by the founder and denominator of the Johanna Westerdijk Institute. Johanna Westerdijk was the first female professor in The Netherlands.

The Westerdijk Institute is a research institute of the KNAW. It manages a world-renowned collection of living fungi, yeasts and bacteria. Researchers perform taxonomic and evolutionary biological research into fungi.

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Foto: Aaarchitecten

Foto: Aaarchitecten

OCC Spuikwartier

Construction building OCC started

After a long time of planning, the construction of the new Education and Culture Center (OCC) building started in The Hague last week. As from 2020, four leading cultural institutions will be situated in this building: Dutch Dance Theater, the Residence Orchestra, the Royal Conservatory and the Dance and Music Center. The building, designed by Jo Coenen and Patrick Fransen, has four rooms, suitable for 200 to 2500 visitors, educational facilities, public spaces and a city restaurant.

Together, the institutions, bouwcombinatie Cadanz and the municipal government gave the start signal.

Aronsohn provides the complete structural design for the OCC, as well as the specifications and detail drawings and detail calculations.

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Cycling tour projects Aronsohn Rotterdam

On June 16th the club of Jong Aronsohn made a cycling tour in Rotterdam along 62 projects that Aronsohn was involved or has been involved. The tour was guided by George Henkens (director).

The cycle ride began in the CS-quarter and the route led by imposing and monumental buildings in the districts: Provenierswijk, City Center, Kralingen, Kop van Zuid, Stadsdriehoek, Scheepvaartkwartier and Hoboken.

After the war in Rotterdam, Aronsohn played a major role in re-construction. The area of ​​work expanded rapidly throughout the Netherlands. Since its inception 1927, Aronsohn has evolved into a leading consulting firm in The Netherlands.

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voilegevel compilatie

CBS – Westerdijk Institute completed

On June 2nd, the expansion of the KNAW complex was completed at the Utrecht Science Park. The expansion offers additional space at the Westerdijk Fungal Biodiversity Institute, for its research into selected groups of fungi.

After thorough preparation, the expansion (building part D) has been realized by the construction combination JP van Eesteren – CroonWolter & Dros within a tight schedule of approximately 9 months. The design is from AAArchitecten, Pieters Bouwtechniek and Deerns. Aronsohn provided the entire project management, contract administration and supervision.

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Ondertekening vd Ven

Musis Sacrum

New concert hall Musis Sacrum

There is a brand new concert hall with a wall of glass in Arnhem. When it opens, the hall changes to a park.

Read the full article here.

Aronsohn Constructies has provided the complete constructive design for the new building and expansion of the Musis Sacrum.


Appointment ir. Michel Schamp

On 1 January 2017, ir. Michel Schamp (1968) joined us as Director of our consultancy. Michel has worked with us since 2000, previously as a constructive designer and deputy director. He was involved in important projects, including the Leyweg City Office in The Hague, the Cornerstone (Dura Vermeer headquarters) in Rotterdam, the City Hall in Almelo, the ZP7 complex of Hanzehogeschool in Groningen and the Hart Center of the Catharina Hospital in Eindhoven. At Aronsohn he is also responsible for developments in BIM and seismic engineering. Like the other members of the board, Michel Schamp remains professionally involved in our projects.

We are confident that, with Michel Schamp’s joining, an important step has been taken to ensure the continuity of Aronsohn and to further develop the organization as a customer and quality-oriented, innovative and creative consulting firm for construction.