Naturalis is approaching completion

In the design of Neutelings Riedijk Architects, the old museum has been renovated and refurbished into an office with an additional depot space for the collection. Against this a new building has been build with a large and light atrium, catering facilities, museum shop and nine beautiful new halls. A completely new laboratory has also become part of the new building. Naturalis will re-open at the end of the summer of 2019.

Aronsohn provided the complete structural design, as well as the specifications and detailed drawings and the calculations

01 EGM - Erasmus MC - bird view © Rob van Esch

Erasmus MC wins Best Building of the Year Award

Last Friday, Erasmus MC, designed by EGM architects, was voted category winner ‘Stimulating environments’ at the award ceremony of the BNA Best Building of the Year, a Dutch architecture prize. Remarkable, because a hospital had never won this national prize before. The award ceremony took place in the LocHal in Tilburg, The Netherlands, where jury member Ferdi Licher, director of Building and Energy at the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations, and Renske van der Stoep, architect and owner ROFFAA, announced the category prize.

For the new construction of the Erasmus Medical Centre, Aronsohn Structures has provided the entire structure design, drawings for the detailed design and production information, as well as structure calculations and supervision on the work of the construction


Triodos Bank almost finished!

The construction of the Triodos Bank is in full swing and is almost finished.

Click here for a time lapse video of the construction.

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Time lapse OCC Spuikwartier

The construction of the OCC is in full swing. Click here for a time lapse video of the construction.

Aronsohn provides the complete structural design for the OCC, as well as the specifications and detail drawings and the detailed calculations.

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Construction of Naturalis in 1 minute

Click here to see a video of the construction of Naturalis in Leiden.

Aronsohn provides the complete structural design for the OCC, as well as the specifications and detail drawings and the detailed calculations.


Erasmus MC Hospital wins award

On 19 December 2017, the Rotterdam Architecture Award 2018 was awarded. Both the jury prize and the public award went to the Erasmus MC Hospital.

The prize was received by Menno Riemersma (director of the Integrated Construction Program) and Liesbeth van Heel (program secretary).

The festive award ceremony took place in the Burgerzaal of the City Hall of Rotterdam.



Foto architect

Burgerweeshuis wins Geurt Brinkgreve Bokaal 2018

The project Renovation Burgerweeshuis in Amsterdam has won the Geurt Brinkgreve Bokaal 2018.

The Geurt Brinkgreve Bokaal 2018 is a prize that the City of Amsterdam annually awards to the best redevelopment or renovation project of heritage.

Aronsohn Management provided project management and the supervision for the renovation of both the building and the ground level facility.

For more information about the project click here.


Start construction S Building Radboudumc Nijmegen

On December 14, 2018 the construction of the S Building started. S Building is the last building in the renewal plan of the Radboudumc.

At this moment the contractor FourCare is making more than 12 meters deep walls in the ground, which after excavation will function as a temporary and permanent ground barrier. After the completion of the excavation the foundation rafts for the tower cranes will be made, after which they can be built up.

Aronsohn Constructions provides the complete structural design, specifications and detail drawings, as well as the structural calculations and cost estimates.