Hourglass completed

The construction of the Hourglass building on the Zuidas in Amsterdam has been completed.

Hourglass is a tower with a height of 80 meters that houses a mix of office, extended stay hotel apartments and commercial functions. The tower is also equipped with a 2-layer underground parking basement and a roof terrace. The 18 floors in total account for 35,000 m² GFA.

The building was completed in parts. At the end of February, a large part of the building was completed, namely the underground parking basements, commercial spaces and offices (Loyens & Loeff). Delivery of the hotel (PREM Suites) was at the end of May.

Aronsohn Management provided project management and quality assurance of the Hourglass project. The design is by Dam & Partners Architecten.

Read more about Hourglass here!


De Walvis Amsterdam delivered

After a year of renovation, De Walvis office building in Amsterdam has been delivered. Below we bring you a first look at the completed building.

Commissioned by the Maarsen Groep, Aronsohn Management provided project management, architectural and structural supervision for the renovation. The design is by KAAN Architecten.

Click here fore more information about De Walvis renovation.

Photos: Sebastian van Damme

01 WestgebouwK

Great progress ODE construction Amsterdam

In Amsterdam they continue to work on the construction of the Booking.com building, and good progress is being made despite the corona virus. Of course, workers keeping their distance and respecting the RIVM rules.

Photos shown are of the West Building, apartments adjacent to the conservatory. The cassette floor is currently being reinforced and the first floor will rise on top.

Aronsohn Constructies has designed the construction, detailing and construction calculation of the Oosterdokseiland project.



Renewal Heineken office Zoeterwoude

Bloc starts the renewal of the HEINEKEN office in Zoeterwoude, together with Vakwerk and DAAD. Aronsohn Construction and Management wins the selection, together with DWA and DGMR, in a consortium named DAAD.

HEINEKEN starts with the renewal of its office in Zoeterwoude. The company aims to transform the building in a green, healthy and inspiring environment that meets modern standards of comfort and sustainability. As part of the development process, Heineken is investigating whether new building functionalities (such as co-work and an academy) can be housed within the building and whether the environment can be shared with other talented, ambitious companies.

Starting mid 2020 the HEINEKEN office in Zoeterwoude will be home to approximately 400 employees, focusing on global and local business operations. The current building no longer meets modern standards of comfort and sustainability. For this reason, HEINEKEN has chosen to create a new working environment. Not by building a new office, but by renovating the existing one in a sustainable way.

The building has a lot of extra space. This offers the opportunity to investigate whether the environment can be shared with other talented, ambitious companies. The special location – next to Europe’s largest brewery and HEINEKEN’s centre of R&D, in the middle of the ‘Green Heart’ of the Randstad – seems to be the ideal location for worlds to meet. BLOC is investigating the feasibility of this ‘campus’, combining (for example) co-work spaces, an incubator, an academy and several meeting and hospitality functionalities.

As part of the plans, an approach has been made for the realisation of a smart mobility hub where different forms of public transport and (electric) shared mobility are combined. It is being discussed with local and regional authorities whether this ‘hub’ can be of value not only for HEINEKEN, but also for businesses and local residents in the area.

BLOC leads the development of the new HEINEKEN office, supported by Vakwerk Architects and a consortium  consisting of DWA, Aronsohn and DGMR. BLOC also investigates the feasibility of the ‘campus’ and the smart mobility hub.

MdZ (11)

New deputy director Aronsohn

On January 1, Michael de Zwart (1974) joined our consultancy agency as deputy director.

Michael started his career at D3BN in The Hague as a constructive draftsman in The Hague. After completing his degree as a civil engineer at the University of Delft, he moved on to become the main constructor at D3BN. In 2005, he continued his career at Corsmit, which merged with Royal Haskoning DHV, and has since become a consulting engineer. In 2013 Michael switched to Iv-Consult to become Sector Manager Multidisciplinary Projects and member of the management team.

In the meetings that we had with Michael in 2019 about a future position at our agency, we were touched by his enthusiasm for the profession of structural designer and his ambition to lead an independent engineering firm.

We fully express our confidence that with the entry of Michael de Zwart another important step has been taken to ensure the continuity of Aronsohn.

Okt.2 2019

Triodos Bank wins Cobouw Award

The winners of the Cobouw Awards Event were announced on November 21.

The award ceremony took place in the Louwman Museum in The Hague.

Once again Triodos Bank in Driebergen won a price. The bank’s head office won the prize for the Most Sustainable Project.

Aronsohn Constructies provided the complete structural design and specifications, as well as detailed drawings and calculations.


Naturalis wins future price


The 21st edition of the Betonprijs took place on Thursday 14 November. This prestigious  Prize has been awarded every two years since 1979 to leading projects in the concrete construction sector.

Naturalis Biodiversity Center has won the future prize. For this prize, students could vote for all seventeen nominees. The most votes (20 percent) went to Naturalis Biodiversity Center.

Aronsohn Constructies provided the complete structural design, as well as the specifications and detailed drawings and the calculations of the new Naturalis.


ESL in Utrecht wins Betonprijs 2019

The 21st edition of the Betonprijs took place on Thursday 14 November. This prestigious Prize has been awarded every two years since 1979 to leading projects in the concrete construction sector.

In the Non-Residential Building category, the Earth Simulation Laboratory won the prize for the University of Utrecht.

Aronsohn Management has been responsible for the management of this great project. The design is by Barcode and the technical elaboration by ABT.