Our organisation was founded in 1927 by ir. A. Aronsohn. At this day our organization is structured as a holding with subsidiaries:

  • Aronsohn Constructies raadgevende ingenieurs bv, for consultancy in our main field: building structures;
  • Aronsohn Management raadgevende ingenieurs bv, for management of the building process;
  • Aronsohn Infrastructuur raadgevende ingenieurs bv, for consultancy in the field of infrastructural structures.

All our employees perform their activities in the facilitating subsidiary ‘Civieltechnisch bureau Aronsohn bv’. Organogram Aronsohn3 The board of directors is formed by the following persons:

  • G.L.H.M. Henkens, employed since 1989 – director
  • R.E. Hoogenboom mba/mbi, employed since 2000 – director
  • M.G.M. Schamp, employed since 2001 – director
  • J.G. van der Panne, employed since 2005 – director

At this day we have 53 employees. Many of them have been working in our organization for more than 15 years, but we also have a sufficient inflow of young employees. Within each sector of the organization there is therefore an ideal mix of experience and new know-how among the younger staff.