Our office was founded in Rotterdam in 1927 by Ir. A. Aronsohn. Today, our office has a holding structure. Our consulting engineers are offered by three operating companies:

  • Aronsohn Structural consulting engineers Ltd., the main part of our work, namely advising with regard to constructions of buildings;
  • Aronsohn Management consulting engineers Ltd., when it comes to building project management;
  • Aronsohn Infrastructure consulting engineers Ltd., when it comes to advising in the field of infrastructure work.

The actual advisory work is carried out in the facilitating company ‘Civil Technical Office Aronsohn Ltd’. Organogram Aronsohn3 The management team is formed by the following consulting engineers:

  • G.L.H.M. Henkens, employed since 1989 – director
  • R.E. Hoogenboom mba / mbi, employed since 2000 – director
  • PP.J.F. van den boom, employed since 1994 – director
  • M.G.M. Schamp, employed from 2000 – director
  • J.G. van der Panne, employed since 2005 – deputy director

A total of 55 employees currently work at Aronsohn. Of the permanent staff, a relatively large number of the employees have a service of more than 15 years. Within each sector of the organisation, there is therefore an ideal mix of experienced employees and new know-how of the younger staff.