Aronsohn aims to use her advices to contribute to the realisation of sustainable constructions that form a good working and living environment, now and in the far future, for current and yet unknown building users. Aronsohn strives—where possible and meaningful—to realise buildings that are sufficiently flexible to support a wide range of uses and can enter a ‘second life’, without requiring major adjustments, after renewal of building and installation system components.

Aronsohn aims to offer her personnel ample opportunity for personal development, and strives for a long career at the firm for every employee. Consequently, the bureau employs experienced and skilled professionals.

In the future, as a specialised consultant Aronsohn aims to further operationalize her contribution to sustainable construction in the design of new buildings, and to encourage and realise as much as possible ‘second lives’ for buildings designed by her or others.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR)

Code of conduct with regards to corporate social responsibility (CSR)

As an engineering firm whose advice concerns structures and construction management, we contribute to the development, realisation and use of the built environment, which has a major influence on society. In both our business conduct and our advices, we consider it a part of corporate conscience to reduce CO2 emission and our environmental footprint, as well as preserving and strengthening our relation with our stakeholders. To this end, we continually monitor the right balance between economical and technical feasibility. To support, guarantee and further develop our CSR code of conduct, ISO 14001 certification of our environmental management method is in a preparatory stage. Furthermore, we are ISO 9001 certified and follow ISO 26000.

On behalf of the board of directors,

MSc G.L.H.M. Henkens

Aronsohn activities and efforts regarding CSR


Elaborate personnel management, focusing on personal and professional development;
Stimulating community involvement of personnel and providing time and means for this;
Offering opportunities for employee training and education;
Aronsohn Academy: coaching and training for high potentials;
Inspiring corporate sense and unity by means of group activities;
Employee excursions;
Aronsohn is a member of Dutch structure engineer register RC/RO, which guarantees its members’ professional knowledge, skill and experience.


Reducing environmental burden as a result of our work and business conduct as established in our environmental management method complying with ISO 14001.


Supporter of study association KOers at the Eindhoven University of Technology;
Supporter of Practical Study society at the Delft University of Technology;
Aronsohn social fund;
Pro Deo consulting for projects with social non-profit objectives;
Pro Deo consulting for starting architects;
Member of supervisory board department of Built Environment, structure design, at Eindhoven University of Technology;
Member of Duurzaam Integraal Ontwerpen (Sustainable and Integral Design association);
Member of editorial board practical guides NEN (Dutch Standardization institute);
Member of Rotterdam diocese real estate advisory committee.

Sustainable energy

Aronsohn contributes to the production of sustainable energy and the reduction of greenhouse gas (such as CO2) emission.
Click here to read our Sustainable Energy Certificate (in Dutch).

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For more information and/or questions, please contact mr. MSc W.N. Corbijn. Telephone: 010-2808080, email: corbijn@aronsohn.nl.