Members of NLingenieurs (formerly known as ONRI) are committed to many social issues. They participate in a great number of boards, platforms and think-tanks, and provide (semi-)governmental institutions with professional advice.

Bouwen met staal

Bouwen met staal is a Dutch organisation promoting, advising and informing about the application of steel in the construction industry. The organisation seeks to support all parties involved in the construction process—from building commissioners to suppliers—about the use of steel. Activities focus on steel applications for industrial, commercial, civil, residential and infrastructural construction.


The Betonvereniging shares knowledge about concrete. Due to the composition of her membership base, the Concrete Association forms a network for gaining knowledge, communally acknowledging theoretical issues and promoting the generation of new knowledge related to concrete. Her activities provide members of the Concrete Association with additional, practical knowledge.

Stichting Hoogbouw

The Stichting Hoogbouw is a nationally operating organisation that focuses on all subjects relevant to high-rise construction. As such, it aims to be a network in which knowledge, research and professionals are brought together. Consequently, the organisation seeks to stimulate development of and discussion about high-quality compression.