Young Aronsohn (YA) is meant for all employees up to and including 35 years of age. YA was founded to exchange experiences between young employees and strengthen the social bonds between them. So we are learning from each other—and above all, it is fun!

We achieve this by:

  • organising lectures and excursions;
  • hosting social drinks;
  • organising sociable and sport activities.

New Aronsohn employees younger than 36 years old will be asked whether or not (s)he would like to become a member. Above all, YA is a society of people who are enthusiastic about their work and enjoy sharing knowledge and experiences. We have found that the company of similarly aged colleagues stimulates this.

YA is whole-heartedly supported by Aronsohn’s board of directors. Aside from YA activities, Aronsohn organises various activities for all Aronsohn employees.