Engineer Arthur Aronsohn had already gained a considerable amount of experience in designing and calculating steel and concrete structures, when he established himself in 1927 as a consulting engineer in Rotterdam. Initially, the work concerned structures and foundations of small civil, commercial and industrial buildings designed by architects.

As the Rotterdam harbour was transformed and developed, the young engineering bureau found a solid business opportunity in hydraulic engineering. Aronsohn was not only hired to advise during the Rotterdam rebuilding after World War 2. During this time, Dutch industrialisation started to rapidly progress, sparking a great need for industrial buildings. By then, Aronsohn was extending her area of operations to the entirety of the Netherlands.

In the years to follow, Aronsohn has become one of the leading consultancy firms in the Netherlands. Next to our original areas of expertise, we have also become proficient in other disciplines, such as project organisation, financial supervision, advice on renovation, restauration and maintenance, and infrastructural constructions.