Extensive experience

Aronsohn is one of the true ‘early adapters’ of BIM in the Netherlands. Allready in 2007 we started to work in one model, together with architect Atelier Pro, for the 120.000 m2 Meander Medical Centre. It was an intensive learning process, for many operations we had to ‘invent the wheel’ our self, the software was still under development. It was a very impressive achievement providing important advantages, like coordination between architecture and structure and the 3D insights for other parties. The ‘BIM content’ however was not very large, other parties were not yet ready to link into our modelling activities. This has changed dramatically over time: we now experiment with linking BIM to project briefs, we link our models to structural analysis software, we extract quantities, we calculate costs with these and we add parameters to objects, like for requirements regarding fire resistance. Models are getting more and more integrated: for Holland PTC we work in a model in which architecture, structure, building ánd user installations are integrated. For the cyclotron and gantries provisions like cable pipes that have to embedded in the concrete, have been modelled including specifications for tolerances. For the hospital Gelderse Vallei we not only collaborated with the architect and MEP consultant, but also with the suppliers of prefabricated concrete elements and steel structures.

Vision on organization of the BIM process

Aronsohn has a clear vision on an optimal BIM process organization. However, we are just one of the parties in such a process and we are used to collaborate with others about the best suitable BIM approach in a given project. We aim at a solution that is usable for all designers and the client and takes the product and process to a higher level. From the onset, Aronsohn recognised that for the type of projects in which we are frequently involved, this development is an important instrument to improve product and process and to reduce coordination problems. We have successfully worked with many different more or less ambitious BIM protocols.

ParametertabelFor our internal process Aronsohn makes up a starting document that is derived from the BIM protocol. With this document all Aronsohn employees know what the starting points are for the BIM process. This includes a parameter table that is coordinated with the design team. On the basis of this table anybody can see for which parameter in which development phase he might expect that values are definitive. For instance in the preliminary design phase, columns can be modelled on the basis of LOD 200 without a final choice for material and dimensions. Any other designing party then knows that the dimensions cannot be a definitive starting point for their own design development. On the way up to LOD 300 and 400 all parameters are becoming more and more fixed.