MdZ (11)

New deputy director Aronsohn

On January 1, Michael de Zwart (1974) joined our consultancy agency as deputy director.

Michael started his career at D3BN in The Hague as a constructive draftsman in The Hague. After completing his degree as a civil engineer at the University of Delft, he moved on to become the main constructor at D3BN. In 2005, he continued his career at Corsmit, which merged with Royal Haskoning DHV, and has since become a consulting engineer. In 2013 Michael switched to Iv-Consult to become Sector Manager Multidisciplinary Projects and member of the management team.

In the meetings that we had with Michael in 2019 about a future position at our agency, we were touched by his enthusiasm for the profession of structural designer and his ambition to lead an independent engineering firm.

We fully express our confidence that with the entry of Michael de Zwart another important step has been taken to ensure the continuity of Aronsohn.