European Healthcare Design Award for Erasmus MC


On June 18 2019 the Erasmus MC, designed by EGM, was elected winner of the category “Interior Design and Arts” at the award ceremony of the European Healthcare Design Awards in London. The prize is the most important European architectural prize for healthcare environments. The prestigious prize is awarded to the most inspiring project that manages to exceptionally create an empathetic and compassionate care environment which reflects the values of the caregiver through the integrated application of interior design and (visual) art.

The interior of the new complex receives this recognition for successfully creating a Healing Environment tangible in all respects. A hospital which became a healthy building through usage of the right blend of shapes, materials and colours and the natural and large-scale integration of greenery and art. A building that matches the human dimension. The prize was awarded by Alexandra Coulter (Director of Arts & Health South West) at the European Healthcare Design 2019 Congress in London.

Erasmus MC has previously been voted the best building in Rotterdam by both jury and public, received prizes for the roof garden, an honourable mention at the Dutch Daylight Award and category winner “Stimulating Environments” of BNA’s Best Building of the Year 2019.

Aronsohn provided the complete structural design, as well as the specifications and detailed drawings and the calculations, as well as monitoring the implementation of the structure.