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Hourglass wins de BIM Award

The Hourglass project wins the Construsoft Tekla BIM Award. In the middle of the ‘financial mile’ of Amsterdam, in the heart of Zuidas, will soon be the 80 feet high building called Hourglass. According to the name, the building is shaped as an hourglass. It has a timeless design with a marble stone elevation in a light shade/colour.
Hourglass will be a multifunctional building with 19 floors, with a total of 42.000 square metres gross floor area, including the office area of 21.000 square metres. On the ground floor 700 square metres of shopping space, catering space and bicycle parking space will be built. The entire complex is based on a 2-storey underground car park with 148 parking spaces.
The completion of the office space is planned before the end of 2019.

The hotel apartments will be completed in February 2020. At the completion Hourglass will get the BREEAM-NL Excellent certificate. Except for his prominent location, Hourglass has other special features: except for the in situ stability cores nothing is straight in the Hourglass design. From the third floor the facades are built from prefab panels, developed by Byldis Prefab and Byldis Facades. The principle of M-shaped panels is used from the bottom to the top of the building, but every prefab panel that is used, is different. For example because of embeds, thickness or plate division. Besides all this, the finishing of the panels is absolutely luxurious. The whole exterior of the building is made of Turkish limestone. Marble stone which is assembled in the prefab factory in Tilburg, just like the aluminium frames and glazing. The fact that we execute the biggest part of the marble stone elevation in prefab sandwich panels is revolutionary. The panels will be assembled on site with two tower cranes. All this is only possible because of the good cooperation between Hurks bouw, Byldis prefab and Byldis Facades.

Since the beginning of 2016, Aronsohn Management has been managing the construction of the Hourglass project at the Zuidas of Amsterdam on behalf of SAX Vastgoed V.O.F. (an initiative of Maarsen Groep and Beheer Brouwershoff).


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