Circle Economy publishes the first Circularity Gap Report

Our world economy is only 9.1% circular, leaving a massive ‘Circularity Gap’. This alarming statistic is the main output of this first Circularity Gap Report, in which Circle Economy launches a metric for the circular state of the planet. The Circularity Gap Report provides a framework and fact-base to measure and monitor progress in bridging the gap, year on year.

The report can be downloaded here:

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Aronsohn member of Circle Economy

Circularity plays a key role for the future of our planet. The point is that – inspired by the biological processes in nature – we create as much sustainable value as possible in everything we design and produce, from renewable energy and recycling of used components to the possibility of total re-use.

Although there is increasing interest in the circular economy at the political, social and commercial level, it remains a challenge to achieve it. Worldwide Circle Economy develops tools and programs with members to make this practical and scalable. Scalable means that it can also be applied in other social circumstances in other countries. It is not just about the built environment, but also about the textile industry. Successes in one program are stimulating for the other.

Aronsohn has joined to be able to continue to operate as a leader in the field of sustainability and to contribute to the practical tools to bring the circular economy to reality.

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