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A look at the Naturalis building site

In early February 2017 a webcam was posted to visualize the construction of Naturalis.

Click here to see the live images (source: hvm.nl).

Aronsohn provides the complete structural design, as well as the specifications and detail drawings and calculations.

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Opening Westerdijk Institute

On 31 August 2017, the new laboratory of the KNAW Westerdijk Institute, formerly the Centraalbureau voor Schimmelcultures (CBS) in Utrecht, was officially opened. On this occasion, a statue was also revealed by the founder and denominator of the Johanna Westerdijk Institute. Johanna Westerdijk was the first female professor in The Netherlands.

The Westerdijk Institute is a research institute of the KNAW. It manages a world-renowned collection of living fungi, yeasts and bacteria. Researchers perform taxonomic and evolutionary biological research into fungi.

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Foto: Aaarchitecten

Foto: Aaarchitecten