Appointment ir. Michel Schamp

On 1 January 2017, ir. Michel Schamp (1968) joined us as Director of our consultancy. Michel has worked with us since 2000, previously as a constructive designer and deputy director. He was involved in important projects, including the Leyweg City Office in The Hague, the Cornerstone (Dura Vermeer headquarters) in Rotterdam, the City Hall in Almelo, the ZP7 complex of Hanzehogeschool in Groningen and the Hart Center of the Catharina Hospital in Eindhoven. At Aronsohn he is also responsible for developments in BIM and seismic engineering. Like the other members of the board, Michel Schamp remains professionally involved in our projects.

We are confident that, with Michel Schamp’s joining, an important step has been taken to ensure the continuity of Aronsohn and to further develop the organization as a customer and quality-oriented, innovative and creative consulting firm for construction.


Aronsohn receive LRQA Crystal Award

George Henkens, Director at Aronsohn, received the crystal award from Reinier van Es, LRQA Marketing Manager Northern Europe.

Aronsohn consulting engineers are unbelievably proud that they have partnered with Lloyd’s Register Netherlands (LRQA) for 20 years regarding Quality Improvement and that Aronsohn has received a Quality Assurance certificate. This confirms that, in spite of the increasingly dynamic and demanding market of services, a long-term relationship based on quality is very possible.


Crystal Award