Spaarbank Botersloot

Aronsohn proud owner of the vault at Botersloot

Aronsohn recently found a new facility to archive the thousands of drawing tubes, namely the former vault of the Rotterdam Savings Bank at Botersloot 23-27. The old bank building is currently used as a school, but the underground vault is rented separately to Aronsohn. The vault, still in its original state, will soon be re-arranged so that the tubes can be stored and be easily accessible.

Aronsohn is proud of the new archive location!

IMG_5001 IMG_4988

Meander MC, Amersfoort

Meander Medical Centre wins NVTG Award

The Meander Medical Centre has won the NVTG Building Award 2016 , category Cure Netherlands. Meander received the second prize at the International Building Award. On April 19th the prestigious award was presented to Meander at the World Congress of the International Federation of Healthcare Engineering ( IFHE ), organized by the NVTG at the World Forum in The Hague.

For the full Dutch article, please click here.

Aronsohn structural provided complete structural design, specification and detail drawings for the Meander Medical Centre, as well as the structural calculations, cost estimates and the development to production information in BIM.

For more information on the Meander Medical Centre, please click here.