2015-7-16 Spuikwartier

Aronsohn in consortium Spuikwartier The Hague

As structural engineer Aronsohn is part of the winning consortium for the realization of the Spuikwartier area development in The Hague.

On July 15 the municipality of The Hague  announced that the tender procedure has been won bij the consortium of Boele & van Eesteren | Visser & Smit Bouw (VolkerWessels enterprises), with architects Patrick Fransen of Architectuur Studio HH and Jo Coenen Architects & Urbanists.

The winning consortium has made an integral plan for a new cultural and educational complex (the OCC) in which the Residentie Orkest, the Nederlands Danstheater, the foundation Dans- en Muziekcentrum Den Haag and the Royal Conservatoire will jointly be housed. The new building will be realized within the planning and financial framework of the municipal council and will be maintained by the consortium for the coming 25 years.

The Consortium consists of:

  • Boele & van Eesteren and Visser & Smit Bouw (Volker Wessels)
  • Homij Technische Installaties
  • Architectuurstudio HH
  • Jo Coenen Architects & Urbanists
  • Theateradvies
  •  LBP | Sight
  •  Studio DAP
  • Aronsohn consulting engineers
  •  Ingenieursburo Linssen

For the press release and presentation of the ‘Onderwijs en Cultuur Complex’ (OCC) click here.

2015-7-16 Spuikwartier

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