BIM-session University of Amsterdam and Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

To promote knowledge distribution, Aronsohn Management has organised a BIM-session on October 8th for the departments of New Construction, Accommodation Development, and Facility Services of the University of Amsterdam (UoA) and Amsterdam University of Applied Science (AUAS). The central theme of this session was “Improved Construction and Building Management”. During a project’s development, what should a building commissioner be aware of when realising an effective building management BIM? What are the possibilities of such a BIM?

How to realise a higher quality building that is cheaper and more efficient to manage? Such questions are common amongst clients like the UoA and the AUAS and were discussed in detail during the session.Other parties to contribute to the session were the Netherlands Institute for Space Research, Van Zanten consulting engineers, Deerns Netherlands and Kuijpers Building Systems. In cooperation with these parties, Aronsohn Management will further develop initiatives to map out the ambitions that the UoA and AUAS have regarding BIM and TCO (Total Costs of Ownership) and bring them into practice.

If you are interested in the application of BIM to your project or to the management of your real estate, contact mr. MSc A.A. (Arie) van der Ven at[1] or +3110 28 08 080.

Aronsohn Management has worked for the UoA and AUAS on several projects:

  • Central Energy Supply of the UoA faculty of science;
  • Amsterdam University College;
  • AUAS Witbauthuis and Muller-Lulofshuis;
  • University Sports Centre Amsterdam.


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