Quality assurance new Faculty of Applied Sciences Delft University of Technology

On June 16th 2014, construction has officially started of the state-of-the-art Faculty of Applied Sciences building that is approximately 30.000m2 GFA in size.

A large part of the complex consists of high quality laboratories that have to meet rigid criteria concerning vibrations and temperature stability. To realise the required high quality of the work, quality insurance is applied in an innovative way. Aronsohn Management’s project management is supported by a quality manager. This quality manager, operating on the client’s side, watches over the quality guarantee process and heads a team of experts in the field of building physics, structure, building services and highly specific areas of expertise, such as vibrations. The contractor team arrangement has also been appointed a quality manager, who is tasked with proving the required quality to Aronsohn’s quality manager. To this end, focus lies on accurate descriptions of the work in construction plans, formulated prior to the work, and the method of quality demonstration in verification plans.

In the verification plans, it is described how the contractors demonstrate realising the required quality. Based on risk analyses, it is then determined where and when experts need to attend to the work. Furthermore, the experts conduct random tests of the work. With this method, the contractors become more aware of their responsibility concerning the quality of their work, since they have to demonstrate delivering according to the requirements as formulated in the production information. The constructor team arrangement, consisting of Hurks, Kuijpers Building Systems, ULC, and Waldner, fully supports this method. The first results are very promising.

Aronsohn Management provides complete construction management for this project, as well as contract administration and quality supervision. The innovative phase ABC procurement method, that has been developed by Aronsohn, has been used in this project.

For more information about the new construction of the south Faculty of Applied Sciences building, click here.



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